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  • FAQ’s on Intellimetric and Automated Essay Scoring

    What is IntelliMetric® ? IntelliMetric®  is an intelligent scoring system that emulates the process carried out by human scorers.  IntelliMetric is theoretically grounded in a cognitive model often referred to as a “brain-based” or “mind-based” model of information processing and understanding.  This Automat3ed Essay Scoring (AES) engine draws upon the traditions of Cognitive Processing, Artificial […]

  • Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Formative Assessment of Student Writing – A Success Story

      On June 11, at the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education’s (AALHE) Ninth Annual Assessment Conference, Paul Edelblut of Vantage Labs with Rebecca Wolf and Andrew Wolf of the University of Rochester’s School of Nursing (URSON) co-presented a session entitled, “Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Formative Assessment of Student Writing.”  The session […]

  • Is it Time to Put Paper-Based Testing to Rest?

    The following is an Op-Ed/Opinion article sent to major newspapers in North Carolina by McCann President, Mark Shay.  The piece is designed to fuel debate over the out-dated practice of school-based paper-based tests.  Online proctoring has come a long way in the past few years, testing practices in schools, colleges and universities has not.   […]

  • Which Machine Scoring Engine to Use: IntelliMetric vs. Approximator

    In 1997 Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric® was the first Automated Essay Scoring System to reach and exceed human-level performance.  Having scored over a billion essays, IntelliMetric® is the “Gold-Standard” in automated essay scoring.  With immediate scoring, accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than human raters, IntelliMetric® is the leading essay scoring platform available today.  This Web-based tool […]

  • Stuck in Remediation – Overcoming College Placement Hurdles

    McCann is a leading producer of placement exams; our CollegeSuccess® Standard Computer Adaptive Placement Tests are low-cost alternatives for many community colleges nationwide. The platform allows for customization which drives Florida’s PERT, the Virginia Placement Test, and many others.  Diagnostic assessments are available allowing administrators to determine students’ competency-based strengths and weaknesses. Placement tests can be used in several […]

  • Vantage Learning Continues to Bolster Individual Remediation with SPMS Classroom

    Powerful Personalized Adaptive Learning Plans™, previously only available from the formative assessment and Adaptive Learning Platform™ Student Progress Monitoring System®, are now available for individual purchase through Vantage Learning’s new SPMS Classroom. Vantage Learning, already a recognized leader in online assessment and instruction, is now offering its PALPs on a per-classroom basis in an effort […]

  • Montana Striving Readers Project (MSRP)

    Through the MT Literacy Plan, the Montana Striving Readers Project (MSRP) is committed to dramatically improving literacy achievement for all students and to providing support systems for all subgrantee LEAs and Head Start Programs. Vantage Learning’s MY Access!® instructional writing and assessment program is an approved program for the MT Literacy Grant. MY Access!® provides […]

  • Cengage Learning Unveils Details of Write Experience

      Cengage Learning Unveils Details of Write Experience; an Innovative Approach to Drafting and Assessing Written Assignments Using Artificial Intelligence Stamford, CT, August 30, 2011—Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions, introduces Write Experience, an innovative new digital technology created to automatically assess writing assignments using the IntelliMetric® artificial […]

  • Crossing Boundaries: Postsecondary Readiness Assessment in Florida

    Original article written by Judith Bilsky and published by Change Magazine     No one, least of all educators, would dispute that scholarly collaboration by all players in the educational pipeline is key to the seamless, successful progression of students from pre-K to university study. In reality, mutually defining the learning expectations common to K-12 […]

  • Higher Ed Partnership Aims to Improve Outcomes for Virginia Community College Students

    Unique diagnostic and placement platform targets students’ deficiencies to help them succeed EWING, NJ  (June 7, 2011) – McCann Associates and Virginia’s Community Colleges  (VCCS)  are collaborating to implement McCann’s College Success™ platform as the diagnostic and placement testing system for all of Virginia’s 23 community colleges.

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