The College Aptitude & Readiness Exam C.A.R.E.

The College Aptitude & Readiness Exam is recognized nationwide as a reliable and effective college placement exam. CARE delivers a combination of computer-adaptive, diagnostic, and writing response assessments aligned with ELA, ESL and Mathematics.

  • CARE computer adaptive tests are designed to assess the knowledge and skills of incoming college students and is a low-cost alternative to standard college placement tests like Accuplacer.
  • The CARE diagnostic assessments measure multiple competencies and deliver per competency resources via McCann’s patented targeted search engine. Resources include Kahn Academy, Purdue Owl, and Yale Open Courses.
  • CARE writing response assessments are scored via IntelliMetric®, the most advanced automated essay scoring engine. IntelliMetric is used to score high stakes assessments including the Graduate Management Admission Council and Higher Education publishers including Cengage Learning and McGraw Hill license IntelliMetric in their proprietary platforms. The CARE writing response assessments can be used for placement decisions, benchmark assessments of writing proficiency, and curricular support.

With the data collected through all CollegeSuccess placement tests, administrators can accurately place students in courses suited to their skill sets or track their “readiness” for college-level coursework.

The CARE assessments are delivered via the CollegeSuccess platform. CollegeSuccess supports remote proctoring and delivers immediate online test results, allowing for rapid, informed placement decisions for your incoming students. Access to this information provides college and university administrators with the means to make accurate placement decisions and deliver learning tools to underperforming students resulting in higher student success, improved retention, and higher graduation rates.

McCann is  a decades old company that started with a patent for Spellcheck. We have more patents in the iPhone than any other provider than Apple, aligned specifically with Natural Language Understanding. Our CorrrectEnglish virtual writing support platform improves student writing across the curriculum and our instructor led software, MY Access!, is used by hundreds of thousands of students each day for improved writing proficiency

In addition to nationally norm-referenced college admissions/placement tests, McCann produces and delivers custom system/state-wide placement tests for:

  • Florida College System – Post-secondary Education Readiness Test (PERT)
  • Virginia Community College System – Virginia Placement Tests (VPT)
  • City Colleges of Chicago

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