CollegeSuccess Standard Placement Test

The CollegeSuccess Standard Placement Test is recognized nationwide as a reliable and effective college placement exam for Reading, Writing, & Math. CollegeSuccess provides computer-adaptive placement tests (CAT) designed to assess the knowledge and skills of incoming college students and is a low-cost alternative to standard college placement tests like Accuplacer. With the data collected through all CollegeSuccess placement tests, administrators can properly place students in courses suited to their skill sets or track their “readiness” for college-level coursework.

Upon completion of placement tests, CollegeSuccess delivers immediate online test results, allowing for rapid, informed placement decisions for your incoming students. CollegeSuccess also provides diagnostic assessments in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math that are designed to identify student’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Access to this information provides college and university administrators with the means to make accurate placement and remediation decisions that lead to higher student success, improved retention, and higher graduation rates. Vantage/McCann believes that only through proper placement and diagnostic testing, can students can be placed into environments where their skills can be nurtured and mastered.

CollegeSuccess Standard Placement Tests are delivered to millions of students annually to assess progress toward college readiness. McCann Associates is a division of Vantage Labs, an educational testing and instructional technology company whose strength lies in being the engine behind machine scoring of the written word. Rated by The Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment (JTLA) as scoring more accurately than two human raters, our IntelliMetric™ automated essay scoring engine, also used in CollegeSuccess, rates millions of essays for ACT, LSAT and GMAT, to name a few.

We are a decades old company that started with a patent for Spellcheck. We have more patents in the iPhone than any other provider than Apple, aligned specifically with Natural Language Understanding. Our CorrectEnglish platform helps adults with their writing and our K-12 software, MyAccess, comes bundled with textbooks, adopted by districts and used by hundreds of thousands of students each day.

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