Professional Certification and Solutions for Associations

McCann Associates is an innovative leader in the development and deployment of high-, medium-, and low-stakes assessments for public and private organizations. Using award-winning, Web-based technology, clients as diverse as PMMI, International Claims Association (ICA) and the American Board for the Certification of Teaching Excellence, utilize McCann’s rich platform for online delivery of professional certification and licensure exams.

McCann Associates empowers clients to manage every aspect of their program, including online item writing, item review, test creation, delivery, and scoring. Additionally, McCann offers IntelliMetric®, the “gold standard” in automated essay scoring, to provide immediate, reliable, and valid scores on constructed-response items. Enhanced add-on modules allow organizations to complement their core testing needs with practice assessments, virtual scoring, on-the-fly data fields, and surveys.

Using our new, state-of-the-art assessment platform called Adaptera, certification organizations can easily and effectively transition paper-and-pencil assessments to something our organization and membership will be proud of.   These examinations can be delivered in secure test centers located throughout the United States like those that deliver our CollegeSuccess Standard Placement Tests or through trusted virtual proctoring services like ProctorU or RPNow.

These tests can be purchased by examinees directly from our online store, or through an integration with your member services website.  Adaptera integrates with common Learning Management Systems (LMS) or can operate in stand-alone fashion.  Your organizations can access their examinee test scores 24/7 with no need to wait for a transfer file and we can even program award certificates to be issued upon completion of the exam.

McCann has been in the testing business for decades and now, through the power of Adaptera, can bring the latest in assessment technologies to your organization for a price that is surprisingly affordable.  Consider this not only for your professional certifications, but for in-person and online workshops and professional development activities.

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