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McCann Associates hopes to serve as a valuable source of information for all of our customers. The Resource Center acts as a gateway to free resources that will help our patrons build their knowledge and skills in various spheres. As they become available, the Resource Center will offer tools, tips, updates, and other resources that address various assessment, certification, and diagnostic needs in private and public organizations.

Be sure to check back often as we will publish white papers, research, and other valuable material periodically. This page will be regularly updated with items from our most recent webinars, as well as beneficial content from around the Web.

Articles of Interest

Here are just a few recent articles that have caught our eye. We hope you find them as noteworthy as we did! We’ll update with more notables as we find them.

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Public Safety Resources

Candidate Resources: Test preparation materials. If you are a candidate for an upcoming public safety test, please contact your local department, municipality, and/or personnel agency for more information about the test date and location.

Study Guides for Written Tests

Entry Level:


Client Resources

Here you can find all of the ancillary materials needed to conduct a McCann Associates public safety examination. You must have a password to access these resources.


Introduction to NEW College Success P.E.R.T. Diagnostics

McCann Associates Presents: Introduction to P.E.R.T. Diagnostics - Reading

P.E.R.T. Essentials

McCann Associates Presents: An overview of essential P.E.R.T. functions in College Success. Delivered in three sections geared towards new and experienced Institution Administrators, Site Managers, and Proctors.

Product Demonstration Videos

College Success Demonstration: Ticketing System and Locking Student Accounts

McCann Associates Presents: College Success Demonstration: Ticketing System and Locking Student Accounts