Business School Solutions – Assurance of Learning

If your Assurance of Learning goals include improved student writing, McCann’s software solutions can help.  Our writing improvement software can have positive impact in an introductory class and if used through the entire time at your business school you will see significant improvements.  For your reporting requirements, Automated Essay Scoring (AES) adds a level of consistency in your measurement, and is a cost-effective alternative to human scoring.

CorrectEnglish, the most advanced writing tool powered by artificial intelligence, helps students significantly improve the quality of their writing. From grammar and mechanics to word choice and commonly confused words, better writing is accessible to anyone. CorrectEnglish instantly checks work for thousands of grammar, punctuation, contextual, and spelling mistakes anywhere students write. Users can share their documents with writing coaches, faculty, and others for real-time collaboration and feedback. CorrectEnglish guides users through the writing process by providing immediate instructional feedback, writer’s models, revision tips, and templates (e.g. research paper, business letter, critical review, business plan, and other templates).

Intellimetric is the “gold standard” in automated essay scoring and used for both low- and high-stakes assessment environments. The use of IntelliMetric provides students with two critical components: the ability to conduct numerous attempts at writing assignments with detailed feedback and to obtain that feedback instantly. With instantaneous electronic scoring, IntelliMetric dramatically reduces the cost and time required to evaluate student and professional writing. Intellimetric can also be used in scoring of essays and is used in standardized admissions tests (like GMAT), college placement tests and numerous academic settings. We can train Intellimetric to score the essays you use in your AOL reporting.

CorrectVue is a data visualization tool that collects scores and provides a dashboard-like tool for AOL administrators, coordinators, curriculum developers and assessment developers.


Writing Improvement and Writing Analytics

CorrectEnglish® is a web-based application designed to assist students in the elimination of errors in writing by checking in real-time for contextual spelling errors, word substitutions via its over 63,000 advanced grammar rules. Powered by artificial intelligence, CorrectEnglish® allows students to practice their writing and receive instant feedback. The feedback includes help to improve the student’s style, content, focus, and organization and encourages them to improve by practice. CorrectEnglish® provides all the took necessary for students to master writing across the curriculum. Tabs in the software provide engaging learning opportunities.  These features include:

  • Help section with writing support with visual examples and annotative feedback across multiple genres in the software.
  • Lexipedia has search box to find definitions, synonyms, antonyms, in an dynamic graphic format.
  • A search box to our patented™ search engine to provide targeted resources aligned with the topic about which they are writing. Using a unique contextual search, iseek parses search requests to better understand specifically what the writer is looking for and returns more relevant, learning focused resources.
  • Scoring in 4 domains of writing (Organization, Focus, Content, Style), plus a holistic score.  Color coded indicators of red-yellow-green can be used to clear classroom assignments for submission and grading.
  • Grammar and Mechanics feedback is listed on an item by item list, in the Scoring adds engagement by giving students immediate feedback.  Examples are

The more students use CorrectEnglish, the more familiar students will become with the language of writing.  The constructive feedback and scoring gives an element of challenge to encourage the student to experiment, practice, learn and improve.

CorrectVue™ is a cloud-based analytics tool which delivers detailed insight into the mechanics of student writing across an entire institution. Administrators can now track, record, analyze and gain insight into student writing. CorrectVue can be a dashboard into writing across the institution and by tying into your Learning Management System, shared drives and online repositories. Reports can segment sections of the institution, ranging from individual classrooms, support centers, learning communities, even colleges or entire divisions of your institution. Multiple levels of dashboard reporting can give executive to instructional perspective, tailoring the information to those who need it most. CorrectVue can also report into your Student Information Systems.