More Than Just a Word Processor

CorrectEnglish® is the industry-standard solution for independent, instant, and accurate writing feedback. CorrectEnglish® goes beyond the simple checking of spelling and grammar. Whether the assignment is analytical, critical, or informative, all feedback is instant and actionable, which allows users to focus on their comprehension instead of the easily preventable mistakes of grammar. The application gives users authoritative guidance for:

  • Mechanics
  • Organization
  • Focus
  • Content
  • Word choice
  • Style

CorrectEnglish® is designed to provide academic and professional writers with guided feedback relevant to the exact type of writing. Powerful research and revision tools are embedded in the application to provide instant access to the resources needed, at the exact time they are needed.

  • iSEEK® reference search
  • Lexipedia vocabulary assistance
  • Citation guide support for APA, CBE, MLA, and The Chicago Manual of Style

Go Anywhere, Proof Anything

CorrectEnglish® frees documents from the desktop and brings them up to the cloud. There is no flash drive to remember, no fear of misplacing files, and no management of license registration needed. All work is securely backed up online and accessible on any compatible device. When revisions are completed, the writing can be downloaded, printed, or e-mailed from within the application; there is no proprietary lock on data.

Proficiency In Any Language

CorrectEnglish® displays menu items and revision tools in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. CorrectEnglish® remains accessible to nonnative English writers without sacrificing functionality, giving them the tools they need to excel within the context of their immediate needs.

The Best Gets Better

CorrectEnglish® uses the Internet to deliver features that are powerful yet convenient to use. It offers support for blog posting, revision histories, document sharing, and collaboration. New features are added regularly and will appear automatically when logging on. No downloads or reinstallations are needed to get the latest version of CorrectEnglish® Edition.