Public Safety Testing

For over 50 years, McCann Associates has been providing police and fire departments with quality promotional examination services. We provide the tools and tests needed to identify top-quality candidates for police department and fire department hiring and promotion. McCann’s testing platform, built upon decades of research and experience, provides public safety departments with the tools they need, at a cost they can afford, to manage their public resources for the safety of the general public.

Why McCann for Police and Fire Personnel Testing?

Failure to screen applicants using a fair, job-related method for hiring or promoting individuals poses many risks for public safety organizations. At the management level (ranks filled by promotion), the risk of bad decisions, leading to possible liability, increases. Hiring marginally qualified or unqualified police officers or firefighters costs the employer time and money, such as increased injury rates and use of sick time, higher employee turnover, inefficiency, and difficulty in meeting industry and/or government standards. Public safety agencies reduce the risk of hiring or promoting personnel who are not qualified to do the job by using McCann Associates for Entry-Level and Promotional Assessments.

Consultative Approach to Fire and Police Examinations

Police and fire departments have unique testing and assessment needs. We understand your department requires targeted solutions aligned to your structure, qualification requirements, and promotional paths. Our professionals have years of industry experience and work through a proven consultative services approach with police and fire departments. Whether your department is in need of high-stakes or practice testing, entry-level or promotional exams, performance analysis or leadership development, pencil-and-paper or computerized delivery, McCann Associates will provide you with valid assessments of superior quality.

Police Officer Entry-Level Testing / Firefighter Entry-Level Assessment

McCann Associates written examinations have been widely used for nearly half a century by municipalities and counties throughout the United States. These Police Officer entry-level assessments and Firefighter entry-level assessments use a five-response, multiple-choice question format and are designed to measure aptitude at the entry level, and knowledge and certain cognitive abilities.

All police officer entry-level tests and firefighter entry-level assessments have been empirically statistically validated (ESV) using a criterion-related validation study employing concurrent methodologies and continue to show strong performance over time. Extensive normative data is continually maintained and analyzed to ensure that the psychometric properties of the tests have not changed. Predictive studies and differential functioning studies are performed when data becomes available.

McCann police officer tests and firefighter tests are at an appropriate reading level for the intended candidate population, and for the job tasks which successful candidates will be required to perform upon being hired and trained. In addition, minority candidates will not be disadvantaged because of cultural, ethnic or gender bias in test questions, as all questions are thoroughly reviewed for bias in terminology.

The Testing Process Includes:

  • Candidate study guides available for download from our website
  • Test booklets, answer sheets, ID system and monitor’s instructions
  • Scoring
  • Comprehensive report on the candidates’ comparative strengths and weaknesses
  • Passing point recommendation for those clients who do not have a fixed minimum cutoff score

Police Department Promotional (Job Advancement) Testing

McCann provides custom written examinations for most promotional ranks for police departments and offices that focus on law enforcement.

Fire Department Promotional (Job Advancement) Testing

McCann provides custom written examinations for most promotional ranks for fire departments and offices that focus on public safety and fire protection.