What is the PERT?

The Post-secondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) is the Florida College System’s college placement test. The purpose of the PERT is to provide accurate course placement recommendations based on the student’s skills and abilities, it is not a pass/fail test.  The PERT assessment system includes Placement tests and optional Diagnostic Analyses in mathematics, reading and sentence skills.  The PERT was developed by McCann Associates in cooperation with Florida Department of Education (FLDOE).

The PERT is administered to students in Florida to determine readiness for Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033), College Algebra or higher (MAC 1105), and Freshman Composition Skills I (ENC 1101.)  Each PERT assessment is a computer adaptive test (CAT) with 25 operational items that determine the student’s placement and five (5) field test items designed to periodically refresh the tests.

Where can one take the PERT?

Students are given the PERT in high schools throughout the Florida and by Florida College System institutions to determine readiness.  Other post-secondary institutions are able to administer these exams either as a remote testing center or as part of their affiliations with FACTA (Florida Association of College Test Administrators).  The test is also available at college test centers outside Florida at college test centers in the NCTA Network or through prearranged online remote proctoring sessions.

Interested students should contact the test center the institution they plan to attend for hours and testing policies.  If you are a student coming to a Florida College System school from out of state, you can arrange for advance testing at an authorized facility.  The PERT is computer-based, and your scores will be immediately made available to the intuition you plan to attend.  In some cases, you may receive a written report which you can then bring to the academic advisor at your new home institution.

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