Frequently Asked Questions About CorrectEnglish™ Web

What is CorrectEnglish™ Web?

CorrectEnglish is writing enhancement software that puts the writing tools and feedback you need right at your fingertips. By providing comprehensive grammar, style, and holistic writing feedback, CorrectEnglish helps you improve the quality of your writing in real time, whether for school, work, or personal enjoyment and correspondence. In addition to providing advanced grammar and style help, CorrectEnglish provides instant writing evaluation and revision checklists that are tuned to the styles and types of writing that you do daily.

How do I use CorrectEnglish™ Web?

CorrectEnglish™ is a completely Web-based application. Using any modern web browser you will login using your own username and password at

You can compose your writing right within the application or import documents you have been working on off line. All work you have ever done in CorrectEnglish is stored within the application, this means no need to remember a flash drive or manage different versions of files. CorrectEnglish can be used as a grammar checker, writing organizer, blog publishing, or collaboration tool. In short, CorrectEnglish is your tool for making your voice heard.

Why should I use CorrectEnglish™ Web instead of the spelling and grammar checker I already have?

CorrectEnglish goes beyond your standard grammar checker to help you improve your writing and communication overall, providing useful tips, instruction, and examples where most writing programs offer generic, cryptic feedback. The CorrectEnglish grammar engine targets over 80 types of common errors, from basic grammatical mistakes to more commonly confused words-often outperforming the competition in number of errors identified 2-to-1. Plus, CorrectEnglish cross-lingual grammar help is available in 7 languages, making English grammar accessible to non-native English learners still developing their skills.

CorrectEnglish puts all of the tools and tips you need to write well at your fingertips. Rather than struggling with a stack of grammar and style manuals, thesauri, and dictionaries as you write, the easy tabbed interface allows you to access the information and guidelines you need with just one click. From task-specific writing tips and samples to popular style association recommendations, such as from the Modern Language Association (MLA) and Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), CorrectEnglish offers all of the help and references you need to go from a blank screen to a well-written, perfectly formatted manuscript or document.

What languages are available in CorrectEnglish™ Web cross-lingual grammar feedback?

Learning English grammar is hard enough without the added challenge of translating technical grammar terms into your native language. CorrectEnglish cross-lingual grammar feedback bridges the language gap so you can improve your English grammar skills and knowledge more comfortably and easily. Detailed grammar feedback in your native language, plus examples of English usage, enhance the learning and improvement curve.

CorrectEnglish cross-lingual grammar feedback is available in the following languages, which are included in every download of CorrectEnglish:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • CorrectEnglish also supports proofing for both American and British English conventions.

Why should I use a web based word processor over one I can install on my computer?

Web-based, or sometimes called “cloud computing”, solutions give you the functionality of a desktop class program available anywhere you have access to the internet. CorrectEnglish™ Web Web runs within your web browser, as long as your system meets the systems requirement check there is no additional software to be downloaded and installed. This means you can start using CorrectEnglish™ Web Web as soon as you login with your account information, bypassing the time, technical problems, and storage space associated with installing software. You can also login from any capable computer in the world and have the same features as you would from your home or office. Once more, since your work is being saved on servers you never have to worry about losing documents due to theft or hardware failure of your computer again.

What is task- and field-specific writing feedback?

CorrectEnglish was built on the philosophy that written communication differs across various professions and fields of study. By targeting the tasks and styles unique to each field, each CorrectEnglish edition offers the most relevant tips and instruction, whether you are writing a biology lab report or a thank-you letter.

Simply select the task you are working on from your product’s task list, and CorrectEnglish will break down its particular style, development, and format into simple tips and models to guide your writing and revision.

CorrectEnglish provides instruction in three formats:

  • An overview of the task’s purpose and content, style, and organization requirements.
  • An annotated model so you can see how your final copy should look and why.
  • A checklist so you can easily review your writing for key elements and information.

Generic writing instruction cannot compare to the level of detail and ease-of-use that CorrectEnglish task-specific writing feedback provides.