IntelliMetric® is the “gold standard” in automated essay scoring. Used for both low- and high-stakes assessment environments, perhaps the most important application of IntelliMetric® has been in the area of writing instruction. The use of IntelliMetric® provides students with two critical components: the ability to conduct numerous attempts at writing assignments with detailed feedback and to obtain that feedback instantly.

With virtually instantaneous electronic scoring, IntelliMetric® dramatically reduces the cost and time required to evaluate student and professional writing. Moreover, IntelliMetric® improves the instructional process by offering more frequent and immediate feedback to writers.

By allowing students to make multiple essay submissions and by providing almost instantaneous, detailed feedback, IntelliMetric® encourages improvements in students’ writing ability. IntelliMetric® provides the following:

  • Accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than human expert scoring
  • Web-based tools that are accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Scoring of both short-answer and extended-response questions
  • Holistic and analytic scoring and feedback
  • Scoring capability in more than 20 different languages
  • Detection of non-legitimate essays, such as those that:
    • are off topic;
    • are off task;
    • lack proper development;
    • are written in a language other than what was expected;
    • contain bad syntax;
    • copy the question;
    • are inappropriate;
    • contain messages of harm.
  • Immediate feedback that eliminates scoring delays and promotes greater use of data to target instruction


McCann Associates can also provide IntelliMetric® scoring using an Application Programming Interface (API), a situation that is ideal for clients who want to incorporate the power of IntelliMetric® within their existing applications or systems. The integration of IntelliMetric® scoring via an API solution is seamless and provides instantaneous scoring of constructed-response and open-ended essay questions that are submitted to the client’s application and routed to the IntelliMetric® scoring engine.


If you are interested in a different machine scoring option for your essays, learning management system or test prompts, please read how Intellimetric compares with our other writing scoring tool called Approximator