Education Solutions

McCann Associates offers cost-effective, flexible solutions for higher education to measure and meet a variety of institutional objectives. Institution success is achieved through the proven technology within these three primary components:

  1. Enhanced Data Analysis
  2. Assessment & Placement
  3. College Readiness

Enhanced Data Analysis

An administrator’s ability to interact with his/her data to get actionable answers is critical in making informed decisions quickly and effectively. Rather than a pre-defined set of static reports, iSEEK Supercruncher™ offers infinite scalability that makes every conceivable combination of inquiry related to performance management available in seconds. This unique approach to flexible data selection and drill-down capability guarantees the data to be actionable for the decision-making process. With this simple question-and-answer interface, institutions can save money on data warehousing and eliminate risks of wasted resources associated with knowledge deficit.

Assessment & Placement

Proper and accurate course placement will result in higher retention rates. College Success™ is a fully customizable testing platform that utilizes computer adaptive testing (CAT) to accurately and quickly assess high school and incoming college students’ abilities and skills. Upon test completion, College Success™ delivers immediate online test results that allow multiple, real-time opportunities to make informed decisions. Additionally, students receive customized and streamlined instruction and resources to help them adequately and appropriately prepare for college success. Faculty members can also easily identify specific subject areas where students need help based on in-depth, diagnostic feedback.

College Readiness

McCann Associates provides programs to assist students in sharpening their skills before entering their first semester of college.

MY Access!® College Edition is a Web-based platform that provides prompts and writing activities for all subjects. Developed specifically for higher education, MY Access!® College Edition helps students improve their critical and analytical writing skills by walking them through the writing process and providing them with instant essay scoring and detailed feedback. Instruction is geared toward the expectations in college writing, namely the analysis of facts and showing greater interpretation when responding to assignments. Full reporting options allow your students to track their development and know where they need additional focus and refinement.

CorrectEnglish™ is the industry-standard solution for independent, instant, and accurate writing feedback. CorrectEnglish™ goes beyond the simple checking of spelling and grammar. It is a complete writing development solution designed to support the writing process from simple grammatical checks to composition and publishing. CorrectEnglish™ offers the editing tools and style resources (MLA, APA, Chicago, CBE) needed to compose exceptionally written research papers, proposals, abstracts, essays, and more.

K–12 Accountability Solutions

Through our affiliated operating company Vantage Learning, McCann Associates provides accountability solutions for districts and schools across the country. Our proven technology and professional development services provide teachers with the tools and training needed to be highly effective in the classroom. This results in the creation of a sustainable model for student improvement and links teacher effectiveness to student outcomes.