Government Solutions

Governments are expected to be accountable, forward thinking, standards focused, and relatable to the public. McCann Associates has continually redefined how governments at all levels implement systems of evaluation, accountability, employee development, and transparency. Building upon decades of research and execution, McCann Associates provides solutions that are not only powerful, accurate, and reliable, they are also scalable while remaining affordable.


Measured Success™ is a fully customizable assessment platform that enables efficient and reliable workforce evaluation at all career levels and stages. The capabilities of Measured Success™ are extensive, yet they target specific needs. Government administrators can easily manage the employee life cycle from recruitment to retirement, including candidate assessment, managing the candidate selection process, and identifying employee skill gaps and competencies. Detailed reports ensure administrators have a clear picture of the public workforce at all times, enabling them to govern effectively.


A government administrator’s ability to interact with his/her data to get actionable answers is critical in making informed decisions quickly and effectively. Rather than a pre-defined set of static reports, iSEEK Supercruncher™ offers infinite scalability that makes every conceivable combination of inquiry related to performance management available in seconds. This unique approach to flexible data selection and drill-down capability guarantees the data to be actionable for the decision-making process. With this simple question-and-answer interface, institutions can save money on data warehousing and eliminate risks of wasted resources associated with knowledge deficit.

Employee Development

McCann Associates offers solutions that can help work toward the goal of the Plain Writing Act of 2010, instructing public servants on the process of simple and concise communication in order to:

  • improve public understanding of government communications, procedures, forms, and applications;
  • save money and increase efficiency through better understanding and fewer errors;
  • reduce the need for the public to seek clarification from agency staff;
  • improve public understanding of agency requirements and thereby assist the public in complying with them;
  • reduce resources spent on enforcement.

MY Access!® Professional Edition is designed specifically to guide professionals through the process of learning to write purposefully, powerfully, and persuasively. MY Access!® Professional Edition lessons and writing activities offer “MBA-specific” prompts designed to develop and refine professional written communication to improve internal communication and external reputation.

For daily use, CorrectEnglish® is an infinitely deployable writing development solution designed to support the writing process from simple grammatical checks to composition and publishing. From e-mails, letters, and memos to proposals, cover letters, and reports, CorrectEnglish™ makes the writer accountable for their own development with industry-leading tools of support. No costly installation or IT support is required; users only need an Internet connection and a Web browser. This means CorrectEnglish™ follows the user around the office, in the field, or at home.


iSEEK™ Targeted Discovery is a comprehensive data indexing and discovery solution. Combining a powerful cataloging engine, an intuitive presentation of search results in context, and a low cost of implementation, iSEEK™ breaks down the barriers between community and government. Building upon years of research in natural language computer interfaces, iSEEK™ does not just rely on matching keywords to find information. Results are presented from all data sources, pinpointed to the exact place within the document where the answers are for “targeted discovery.” There are no software installations; as more data is added, iSEEK™ scales right along with you, controlling costs while further empowering your community.