Study Guide for the CollegeSuccess Standard Placement Tests

September 24, 2018

The CollegeSuccess Standard Placement Tests were created to help colleges place students in the most relevant courses.  The tests were created based on a measure of college readiness outlined in the Common Core initiative.   Community college test centers are the most common places where the CollegeSuccess tests are delivered, other places include high schools who might use the Standard Placement Tests to measure college readiness.

There are four CollegeSuccess Standard Placement Tests.  They include multiple choice questions and there may also be written essay sections.

The content is listed below by subject:

Numbers – Compare numbers, use algorithms, solve problems, and estimate.
Expressions – Simplify and evaluate.
Equations – Solve and graph.
Coordinates – Translate between an equation and a line, including slope, and solve geometric problems.
Statistics – Draw statistical conclusions based on data, include mean, median, and mode.

Equations – Understand a problem and formulate an equation to solve it, solve equations in one variable using manipulations guided by the rules of arithmetic and the properties of equality, rearrange formulas to isolate a quantity of interest.
Functions – Analyze functions using symbolic manipulation, use the families of linear and exponential functions to solve problems.
Expressions – See structure in expressions, manipulate simple expressions, define variables and write an expression to represent a quantity in a problem, interpret an expression that represents a quantity in terms of the context.
Main Idea – Identify the stated or implied main idea of a passage.
Ideas and Details – Recognize significant details that answer the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how.
Evidence, Claims, and Support – Recognize and evaluate evidence offered in support of a claim.
Relationships – Understand relationships within and between sentences.
Text Structure – Identify organizational patterns in a passage.
Inferences – Make inferences, generalizations, and predictions and draw conclusions.
Purpose – Determine the author’s purpose and point of view.
Comparison – Make comparisons and distinctions between two passages on the same topic.
Meaning – Determine the meaning and impact of context-dependent words, phrases, and statements.

Sentence Skills:
Recognizing Complete Sentences – Demonstrate fluency in sentence completion, sentence revision, and sentence structure.
Coordination/Subordination – Recognize and use conditional sentences and combine sentences effectively.
Clear Sentence Logic – Demonstrate proper use of modifiers, possessives, prepositions, subject/verb agreement, verb/adverb use, verb/word tense, word choice, and word order.

To learn more about how to prepare for taking a CollegeSuccess Standard Placement Test, please CollegeSuccess Study Guide