Web Demos of Vantage / McCann Products and Services

November 9, 2018

McCann Associates is part of the Vantage Labs family of educational technology and testing companies. Vantage started with a patent for Spellcheck and for over 20 years has brought groundbreaking products and services to educators and students. Driving all Vantage products are Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence. As a private company built from the ground up, Vantage has an impressive array of products that have stood the test of time and an even more impressive roster of “behind the scenes” partnerships. Vantage is inside many of the computerized assessments provided to students and professionals and helps manage data for governments, school systems and accrediting bodies across the world.

See a list of the Vantage / McCann products

To assist in our sales efforts, members of the Vantage team have recorded product demonstrations and sales presentations.  Hopefully they provide you with the background you need to commit to Vantage / McCann.


CollegeSuccess – cost-effective course placement tests (Reading, Writing, Math)


CorrectEnglish – software designed to help students practice and improve their writing


CorrectVUE – Writing Analytics for colleges to track student writing


Intellimetric – The Gold Standard in Automated Essay Scoring


McCann Associates is an educational testing and instructional technology company. Our CollegeSuccess placement tests are used nationwide with custom versions in Florida, Virginia and elsewhere.  IntelliMetric™ automated essay-scoring engine rates essays for leading admissions and helps power CorrectEnglish, our software designed to help students improve their writing skills.  More detailed videos can be found below: