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  • Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Formative Assessment of Student Writing – A Success Story

      On June 11, at the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education’s (AALHE) Ninth Annual Assessment Conference, Paul Edelblut of Vantage Labs with Rebecca Wolf and Andrew Wolf of the University of Rochester’s School of Nursing (URSON) co-presented a session entitled, “Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Formative Assessment of Student Writing.”  The session […]

  • McGraw-Hill Connect turns to us to Help Improve Student Writing

    Our company builds powerful tools to positively impact student learning. Some are behind the scenes, like the new feature coming to McGraw-Hill Connect allowing instructors to efficiently and effectively assign and grade writing. Details on the McGraw-Hill solution for improving student writing.   Our latest innovations create Adaptive Learning Environments® to support student achievement and institutional […]

  • Which Machine Scoring Engine to Use: IntelliMetric vs. Approximator

    In 1997 Vantage Learning’s IntelliMetric® was the first Automated Essay Scoring System to reach and exceed human-level performance.  Having scored over a billion essays, IntelliMetric® is the “Gold-Standard” in automated essay scoring.  With immediate scoring, accuracy, consistency, and reliability greater than human raters, IntelliMetric® is the leading essay scoring platform available today.  This Web-based tool […]

  • Bringing New Life to Old Tests with AdaptLI

    AdaptLI is the school version of Vantage Labs Adaptera, the ultimate adaptive learning environment.  AdaptLI can help schools save on test production, grading and score recording costs.  AdaptLI can be offered in the classroom, via online proctoring or through college test centers. and can be integrated with LMS systems and produce summary reporting to Student […]

  • Prep for the PERT. A Study Guide for Florida’s Postsecondary Education Readiness Test

    Introduction The State of Florida has established an assessment to determine a student’s college readiness.  The test is called Florida’s Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T.) and is designed to adequately assess a student’s academic skills in mathematics, reading and writing.  PERT Exams are computer adaptive tests offered by high schools and colleges to assess college […]

  • McCann is looking for a Great Writer/ Blogger / Advocate

    Like to write? Like to write about the importance of writing? Like to share the importance that writing has in people’s career development? We at McCann do too and we are looking for someone to join our team as a feature writer. You’d work from home, write for us on a contract, per-piece rate and […]

  • CollegeSuccess Standard Placement Test

    If you are looking for an alternative college placement exam for Reading, Writing, & Math, we hope you will consider CollegeSuccess® from Vantage/McCann.   CollegeSuccess provides computer-adaptive placement tests (CAT) designed to assess the knowledge and skills of incoming college students. We provide a low-cost alternative to tests like Accuplacer. With the data collected through CollegeSuccess placement tests, administrators can properly place […]

  • NCTA Conference 2018 – McCann Associates to introduce Testing and Assessment Personnel Certification (TAP-C)

    Members of FACTA (Florida Association of College Test Administrators), working closely with McCann Associates (Vantage Learning) have introduced a certification for testing and assessment personnel. The exam, named the Testing and Assessment Personnel Certification is commonly referred to as the TAP-C. The level I TAP-C is the first level in a series of five planned assessments and […]

  • Can You Measure Regular and Substantive Interaction between Students and Faculty?

    For those in higher education administration, there are numerous government regulations that require measurements that at times are hard to define and often harder to prove. From the federal level, sometimes these come from the Secretary of Education, but mostly they come when the federal government updates the Higher Education Act, the law that governs much […]

  • McCann Associates Successfully Deploys National Healthcare Interpreters Credentialing Examination

    Yardley, Pa. — McCann Associates, a leader in the deployment of high-stakes testing and certification assessments for professional credentialing and educational purposes, reports a record number of potential healthcare interpreters successfully taking and  passing the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters’ (CCHI)Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CHI) and Associate Healthcare Interpreter (AHI) credentialing examinations. CCHI’s Certified Healthcare Interpreter […]

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