Bringing New Life to Old Tests with AdaptLI

December 14, 2018

AdaptLI is the school version of Vantage Labs Adaptera, the ultimate adaptive learning environment.  AdaptLI can help schools save on test production, grading and score recording costs.  AdaptLI can be offered in the classroom, via online proctoring or through college test centers. and can be integrated with LMS systems and produce summary reporting to Student Information Systems.  Priced per test, plus a modest implementation fee, AdaptLI is the future of testing.

The Adaptera platform is the “gold standard” for online adaptive learning, assessment, and test management.  Delivered via the cloud and derived from a legacy of machine learning (Natural Language Understanding + Artificial Intelligence), our Adaptive Learning Environment™ combines advanced psychometric and adaptive engines, machine learning, unified data, e-commerce services, and streamlined assessment procedures into the building blocks needed to quickly create innovative assessment and learning applications.

The Adaptera platform (including AdaptLI) can be used to create:

  • Large-volume Cloud-based Course Exams Converted from Paper
  • Standardized Tests
  • Professional Certification Assessments
  • Entry-Level Employment Assessments and Promotional Exams
  • College Readiness Diagnostics

Quite simply, our adaptive intelligence and scoring technologies are the future of educational assessment.  We give you two options in the build process: You provide the test; we do the rest; OR we train you and provide the needed tools via our build® platform and you create the test.  AdaptLI streamlines the process for schools, college and universities allowing assessment and supporting content to be organized for individual courses or serve larger audiences within a given division or across the institution.  Adaptera for Publishers allows content to be delivered, consumed and assessed in way more in line with the ways today’s students learn.


Using Adaptera’s build platform, administrators are able to prepare tests for academic use, high-stakes and practice certification, and pre-employment assessments. Administrators have access to easy-to-use item authoring tools that allow them to create and organize more that 35 different item types including multiple-choice, short-answer, and open-ended questions. This allows for customized content correlated to an organization’s standards. Once assessments are created, they can be delivered with options including number of attempts, test timing, alert messages, randomized item delivery, test navigation rules, and score report display, and detailed analytics of results.

Adaptera has:

  • Computer Adaptive Assessment Engines
  • Proven 3 Parameter and 1 Parameter IRT based engines
  • Mass Simulation testing and diagnostics
  • Intellimetric™ Essay and Constructed Response Scoring or Approximator™ essay scoring for untrained prompts
  • Natural Language Understanding Short Answer Scoring
  • 42 proprietary patents and one of the most efficient short answer item type scoring engines available
  • Adaptive Learning Pathway Advisor
  • Decision support Intelligent Agent® that personalizes instruction, feedback and resources based on billions of data slices
  • Originality detection across billions of web-based documents as well as the ability to add your data sources into the detection process.

For test professionals, Adaptera provides powerful tools to manage item banks and quickly build and customize the learning experience. Performance-based questions and interactive activities can be assembled (with no programming skills required) into adaptive learning pathways that personalize learning and allow for immediate instructional intervention.  All the tools are here:

  • Immediate Scoring and Item Review
  • Over 35 question types such as: multiple choice, speak, drop/drag, cloze, formula, matching, plot, audio, video, essay, short answer — all with automated scoring
  • Diagnostic capability aligned with prescriptive resources
  • The ability to import items from other content repositories and power them with Vantage’s iSeek search engine


For a demonstration of this powerful suite of advanced technology tools – please contact:

Chad S. Warner
Account Representative
Office: (267) 756-1148