TAP-C, a new standard in Testing and Assessment Personnel Certification

October 30, 2018

The leadership team at FACTA (Florida Association of College Test Center Administrators) has worked many hours in close collaboration with McCann Associates to produce the first in a series of professional assessments for test center staff. The first assessment is designed to validate that entry level testing center staff have a strong understanding of the policies, procedures, and skills necessary to perform optimally.

The Testing and Assessment Personnel Certification (TAP-C) benefits a number of constituents: proctors, examiners, and assessment managers/directors. The certification also provides recognition, competency, and a commitment in the testing and assessment profession. The program is being field tested at select FACTA member schools and fine tuning is under way. The Level 1 assessment should be ready to be released nationwide by the end of 2018.

TAP-C working committee

Benefits of TAP-C for Institutions:

  • Fosters the development of assessment personnel aligned with national testing standards
  • Ensures confidence to vendors that personnel remain certified to industry standards
  • Attracts highly motivated personnel to apply and work at your institution
  • Creates a common body of knowledge among staff and personnel
  • Elevates the reputation of your institution in the testing and assessment profession
  • Assures greater comparability and consistency among certified testing professionals in the industry
  • Attracts test vendors to partner with your institution
  • Certifies your employees’ obligation to abide by a code of ethics and national professional standards and guidelines in the testing and assessment profession

Benefits of TAP-C for Individuals:

  • Differentiates you in the hiring process over others who are not certified
    Establishes you as a continuous, motivated learner
  • Provides you with confidence in the testing and assessment profession
  • Elevates your reputation in the testing and assessment profession
  • Provides you with opportunities as a certified person
  • Provides you with current and relevant, job-based credentialing options
  • Honors TAP-C recipients by presenting your certifications in the FACTA newsletter
  • Demonstrates achievement that enhances self-esteem and confidence which confirms professional commitment

The cost of TAP-C is $75 for Level 1 with subsequent levels to follow. The Assessment is to be conducted at a NCTA Registered Center under the supervision of the Test Center Manager. The Working Group will release a reading list and Reference Guide shortly, if you are interested join the TAP-C mailing list.

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